10 days - Winchester

An interdisciplinary contemporary arts platform across the district

10 days - Winchester

An interdisciplinary contemporary arts platform across the district


2009 - 2019

​With a core commitment to the visual arts, 10 days welcomed participation from all forms of practice, embracing collaboration, interdisciplinary practices and multiculturalism, and fostering partnerships between business, education, local government and other sectors.

This website showcases some of the extraordinary work achieved by the projects and participants and will provide resources for artists, curators, collaborators and funders seeking inspiration for similar projects in the future.

​Read on to explore our ambitious citywide projects spanning 10 years.

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Published on: Mon, January 11, 2021

Goodbye 10 days Winchester

It feels difficult to say goodbye to 10 days and there are many people to thank for its success. The project came into being at a particular moment in time, a time of change and hope, when many factors worked together to forge new opportunity, bringing people together within a common project.

We are especially grateful for all the involvement during our final ONLINE event at 10 days • 10 years facebook and Instagram and regret we were unable to develop the planned film and associated public event for 2020.

Winchester remains an extraordinary cultural centre with a rich, diverse and talented creative community. In the new world that emerges out of the current Covid-19 crisis, we feel sure that the connectedness, excitement and endeavour of 10 days will continue to find expression. With change comes renewed vision and ambition and we wish you all the very best for the future.

The 10 days website along with the record of work on social media will remain available for the foreseeable future as reference to the work and success of 10 days projects.

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Published on: Thu, October 22, 2020

10 Days • 10 Years ONLINE

Join us online on Instagram and Facebook between 10 October and 10 November 2019

It has been 10 years since the first 10 Days Event at The Old Hyde Laundry in Winchester. To collectively celebrate and commemorate this anniversary we invite your engagement with 10 Days • 10 Years ONLINE event.

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Published on: Mon, September 30, 2019

10 Years on

It has been 10 years since the first 10 Days Event at The Old Hyde Laundry in Winchester. To collectively celebrate and commemorate this anniversary and the four biennial 10 Days events, we invite your engagement with: an ONLINE project and The Yard at Ten.

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Published on: Fri, September 20, 2019

The Yard at Ten

Open 4 - 13 November at the Nutshell gallery, 15 Kings Walk, Winchester SO23 8AF.

Marking the 10th anniversary of The Yard Studios in Wharf Hill Winchester and the 10th anniversay of 10 Days Winchester, the exhibition presents work from Yard artists and tells a story through a photographic account of 10 days in the Laundry and a very successful ‘Yard and Metre’ collaboration between artists and poets.

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Published on: Mon, September 16, 2019

10 days nights #3

Discovering Stories in Public Space,

Thursday 8th December 2016

18:00 - 20:00

Winchester City Museum / Register on Facebook

Alex Scott-Whitby & Cherng-Min Teong introduce the process behind designing public spaces, the actors who are involved and the unknown discoveries that emerge. Hear about their work in the public realm which includes the reconfiguring of 38 church spires in the City of London, instigating a city of play on the streets of Doha, Qatar and working with Winchester City Council to reclaim St Maurice’s Covert as an essential public space.

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Published on: Sat, November 19, 2016

10 days nights #2

Wednesday 21st September 2016
Winchester Discovery Centre
19:00 - 21:00

An evening of: anatomy, religion, the after-life, and late-medieval carved cadaver sculptures with Dr Christina Welch.

Free entry and complimentary drink

Christina is a senior lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Winchester where she also leads the MA in Death, Religion and Culture.

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Published on: Sun, September 04, 2016

10 days nights


Invitation to join us on Thursday 21 July 7-9pm 2016

Dr Simon Park, microbiologist

Exploring the Invisible: experiments at the interface between microbiology and art

This talk will outline some of Simon’s art projects, which portray microbes in highly unusual and sometimes provocative ways.

Examples will include glow-in-the-dark bacteria, how bacteria can be taught to paint, and a microorganism that will solve mazes.

This particular microbe will be available to take home as a pet! Simon’s blog https://exploringtheinvisible.com

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Published on: Mon, June 27, 2016

Developments at 10 days

Following CHALK we continued to work closely with Hampshire Cultural Trust to develop new opportunities and are pleased to announce a new venture:

10 days nights’ a series of evening gatherings with talks and presentations by artists, scientists, writers and musicians, offering opportunities for discussion and networking.

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Published on: Mon, June 27, 2016

Last sightings of extinct songs: Chalk remembered

Remembering Chalk, a day of rain, hand dryers, neolithic landscapes, guttering and singing dunes, exhausted shelves and spectral houses, the last sightings of extinct songs, lavender sellers and the long quiet fall of light through Connemara.

The curator and writer Jodie Dalgleish reflects on the symposium, Chalk: time, sense and landscape in her article for the New Zealand on-line art review EyeContact: http://eyecontactsite.com/2015/11/sally-ann-mcintyre-at-winchester-symposium

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Published on: Wed, November 18, 2015

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