10 days - Winchester

An interdisciplinary contemporary arts platform across the district

10 days - Winchester

An interdisciplinary contemporary arts platform across the district


10 Days • 10 Years ONLINE

Join us online on Instagram and Facebook between 10 October and 10 November 2019

It has been 10 years since the first 10 Days Event at The Old Hyde Laundry in Winchester. To collectively celebrate and commemorate this anniversary we invite your engagement with 10 Days • 10 Years ONLINE event.

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CHALK performance

10 days were pleased to welcome acclaimed dancer and fresh choreographic voice, Theo Clinkard, who was joined on stage by composer James Keane in CHALK, a stark, poetic and intensely physical work inspired by the iconic chalk cliffs of Clinkard’s hometown.

An informal discussion between the audience, performers and Creative Producer at The Point- Sacha Lee, revealed insights about the spatial dynamics and development of the work.

The event took place at Winchester Discovery Centre | Saturday 7 November as part of 10 days 2015 CHALK

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Thursdays in conversation

In Conversation 2015 | Tickets £7 (concessions £5) includes a glass of wine

Book Theatre Royal Winchester 01962 840 440

Thursday 05 November | Theatre Royal Winchester 5 - 7 pm | Chalk in the Making | Sara Roberts introduces Kim Norton (ceramicist) and Jacqueline Bromley (jeweller)Tickets available

Past events in the series:

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Chalky Fingers Half Term Activites

CHALK Hub | City Space, Winchester Discovery Centre | free entry

2- 4 pm | Wednesday Thursday and Friday 28 - 30 October

Join local writers and poets for an array of activities including: wishing tree, rhymes, chalk talk walk; meeting chalky characters; eyes ears and ideas

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The Wilderness - Place of Wild Beasts

Sean Harris uses animation to explore the landscape and our relationship with it. A trail of hand-cranked ‘flip-book boxes’ wound around the summit of St. Catherine’s Hill by day – and at dusk on the 25th, the creatures that inhabit them came to life through a magical digital projection. Hugh Greasley performed poems of the wilderness

St Catherine’s Hill Flip-book-box trail | Sunday 25th & Monday 26 October | 11 - dusk

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Sharing Heritage | Grand Open Event

Artist’s talks, readings and performance

Over 100 people Joined 10 days’ curators and specially selected, artists, writers and poets for special events including revealing talks, inspirational readings, magnificent artworks and Butoh dance (Winchester Cathedral). All based around that locally pervasive, bright and crumbly substance CHALK

Saturday 24 October: City Museum 6 - 7 pm | Winchester Cathedral 7 - 8.30pm

Full programme:

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Artists talk | Andrew Carne and Andy Ramus


It’s like chalk and cheese

Architect Andy Ramus from AR Design Studio, and artist and lecturer Andrew Carnie, both from Winchester, talked about their practice as they teamed up to make a poetic hanging structure based on ‘opposites’ or ‘differences’ expressed in the phrase ‘like chalk and cheese’. The work explores the strengths of their divergent creative processes.

The Winchester Gallery | Tuesday 20 October | 6pm

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Chalked Up (Chalk Legends)

A lively open-mic flash fiction/poetry/twitter event, with opportunities to read short poems and flash fiction on a first come basis. Thank you to everyone who came along to this lively event compared by Paul Davies.

Winchester Discovery Centre Cafe Event 19 October 2015 8 -10pm

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chalk: time, sense and landscape

This innovative symposium brought together an international programme of sound artists, filmmakers and scientists to question our perception of time and place and offer new perspectives on the ‘world beyond [and beneath] the visible’. Curated by Sebastiane Hegarty for 10 days 2015 CHALK. Follow the debate

Winchester Discovery Centre 17 October 2015.

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Drawing Together | CHALK Hub

Cheng-Chu Weng with Dr Sunil Manghani

Drawing Together brought people together in a shared act of drawing, ‘to draw ourselves together, if only fleetingly; just as our own shadows are mere fleeting images of ourselves. This act of drawing upon the ‘ground’ of the city itself in which we live is intended to mark a temporary reflection of ourselves as individuals and as a community’

The event took pace on 17 October at Winchester Discovery Centre

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