10 days - Winchester

An interdisciplinary contemporary arts platform across the district

10 days - Winchester

An interdisciplinary contemporary arts platform across the district


Sara Roberts, 10 days Chair 2015:

"It was an enormous privilege to work with such a dedicated and lively team, as Chair of 10 days CHALK in 2015. Artists brought shared endeavour, creativity and verve to both the characteristically local issues and those with universal resonance." (2020)

Stephen Boyce, Arts Adviser to Winchester City Council, Chair 10 days Winchester 2012 – 2014:

"Experience tells me that things are cyclical and new initiatives will emerge in their own time and in their own way, but keeping a record is important as a point of reference and as an inspiration to others." (December 2020)

Sophie Hacker, arts consultant for Winchester Cathedral:

"I was so glad to be a part of 10 days. It produced some innovative and powerful work in the cathedral, which provoked discussion amongst new visitors and long-standing members of the congregation. It was excellent to have unusual and unexpected areas of the building singled out for such exciting site-specific artistic responses." (2020)

Angela Peagram, Steering Group and Curator 2013 – 2015:

"I can’t thank you and the team enough for the wonderful experience of being part of 10 days in all of its manifestations. It was a pleasure to have worked with such professional and committed people in such great settings. The opportunities the projects offered everyone to come together and innovate were exceptional." (2020)

Hugh Greasley, artist and poet. Steering Group Member 2015

"There has never been anything like it before or since." (December 2020)

'View' Winchester October Update

"10 days CHALK takes over the city from 10 October with multidisciplinary events celebrating the very ground we stand on"

Andrew Napier, journalist for the Hampshire Chronicle:

"Chalk up a breakthrough art event through 10 days CHALK, Winchesters biennial arts event organised by 10 days, opens on October 10 with a series of exciting exhibitions and events across the city." (September 2015)

Trish Bould, creative director:

“We are thrilled to have the support of Arts Council funding for the fourth 10 days project. One of the most exciting aspects is that this gives local artists the opportunity to be part of one project celebrating local heritage through the theme of CHALK. Geologically, chalk is rare yet Winchester is built upon and surrounded by it.” (July 2015)

Robin Iles, venues and learning manager for Winchester City Museum, Hampshire Cultural Trust.

“We are delighted that this year, as well as the display of artists’ work in the City Space gallery, we have been able to offer local practitioners an opportunity to respond to the wonderful collections the Trust has on permanent display in Winchester City Museum. We can’t wait to see how these artists turn the enthusiasm they expressed in a recent museum visit into works that offer a different perspective on familiar and much loved exhibits.” (May 2015)

Kate Cloud, Head of Economy and Arts at Winchester City Council commented:

“We recognise that creative industries are one of our key sectors. We are looking to either make artists sustainable business people, or encourage career progression within the creative sector. Most of all, we want artists to keep producing their excellent work, and keep contributing to the local economy." (March 2015)

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